Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I found this on the web, though I'm a little unsure of it's exact relevance, but there is something about it.... kinda reminds me of a three-phase electricity distribution system:

"Early in July some experiments were conducted at Strasburg by Dr. Ferdinand Braun with a system of directed wireless telegraphy which he has invented. The results seem to him very promising, for he was able at will to direct the waves so as to actuate the receiver at the receiving station or not. Dr. Braun in several German journals discusses his experiments and points out the probable usefulness of his developments.

Since electric waves are governed by the same laws as light waves, it should be possible to throw a beam in one direction by means of a parabolic reflector, but the practical difficulties in the way seem to be insuperable. It occurred to Dr. Braun, however, that he could construct a system of sending wires which could be made to intensify the wave in one direction and interfere with it in another. If two sending wires are tuned to exactly the same pitch and are operated by the same exciting apparatus, but are so arranged that one of them will be set in vibration a small fraction of a second later than the other, it should be possible to obtain interference. The difficulties encountered in doing this are those of tuning two oscillators to the same pitch, and of producing the desired difference in phase. "

Not only, but also:

"The fundamental principles are that induction travels at right angles, 90°, to the direction of the current. For an illustration, if a person standing on a bridge should drop a pebble into the water below, after contact he would note circles radiating out over the surface of the water. These circles, being at right angles, 90°, to the direction of the force that caused the circles, are analogous to the flow of induction, and hence the aerial line, being vertical, transmits signals horizontally over the earth's surface."

I thought it was a nice way of putting it. Mind you, I'd be very weary of doing that other stuff he says with a lightbulb.....

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