Saturday, 7 March 2009

Energy Vortices

The aether field is a fluid of latent magnetism. The word latent is derived from the Latin 'latere', to lie hidden. I have become rather fond of the aether, and even more so as I begin to fully understand its implications (I have also become rather fond of speaking like a Victorian librarian!). In my mind, it has become hard to seperate matter from energy, and even harder to seperate energy from the aether. Matter reveals itself as a vibration, a twist, in the aether. It is only the mind which creates seperation. Truly, everything in the Universe, and that includes you and me, are One.

The Earth's magnetic field is a torus shape. The magnetic field is generated by the flow (though it is better to perhaps write vibration), of the aether in and out of the Earth. The Earth acts as a cold energy sink. The magnetic field does not start in the inner core of the planet, but rather, it begins with the latent magnetism of the Universe.

A torus is made up of two circles perpendicular to one another. There is the circle in the ring shape which we percieve as magnetic flux on a bar magnet. The other circle is perpendicular to the first, and follows the outline of our donut-shape. We can find this circle by drawing along the outermost rim of the torus, the longitudinal axis. This circle can then be repeatedly drawn going down into the centre of the donut (you know - the place where it twirls around your finger) and back out the other side. For a better idea it's best to go here.....

The journey of the longitudinal axis through a bar magnet, or the Earth's magnetic field, develops into an hour-glass shape. If you draw it out, you will have two vortices which are stuck to one another by their stalks, and takes on the appearance of something akin to a bowtie. And I've seen this shape before. It's the same shape which depicts the energy vortices of chakras.

Chakra, a Sanskrit word, translates as 'wheel' or 'disc'. Each of the seven chakras is associated with one of the seven endocrine glands, and also with a group of nerves called a plexus. Does this mean that each gland acts as a bar magnet? Each chakra has a vortice at the front and back, so that they can recieve and send energy from the Universe. It appears our central nervous system utilises vibrations to create a cold energy sink, and it is at these various locations we call chakras. Right now our bodies are sucking-in and blowing-out the fluid of the aether. Right now we are immersed in the fluid of the aether. It's a strange feeling is it not ?

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