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Up, Down Or Nothing At All

A pivoted needle with a scale measuring the dip angle, is nowadays known as "dip needle". It shows that the magnetic force pulling a compass needle northward is not simply horizontal, but slanted downward, into the solid earth. Some think this is due to the attraction of the needle to a magnetic iron core. I think that this might be evidence of an aether field - an all encompassing invisible fluid - and how it reacts to the enormous conducting mass which is planet Earth.

The magnetic lines of force at the poles of the Earth are vertical due to which the magnetic needle becomes vertical. The magnetic dip at the magnetic poles of Earth is 90 degrees. The lines of force around the magnetic equator of the Earth are perfectly horizontal. So the magnetic needle will become horizontal there. Thus the angle of dip at the magnetic equator of the Earth will be 0 degrees. The angle of dip varies from place to place.

Magnetic field lines are generated by matter as it acts upon the aether field. Matter rolls out on the blanket of aether and creates an energy sink. The Earth likes to suck down electricity. Sparks from a grinding wheel always fly up. Matter acting upon the aether creates such polar opposites as centripetal and centrifugal, top and bottom, up and down, attraction and repulsion, potential energy and kinetic energy; whereas without matter, the aether would remain flawless; to an observer this experience could well be meaningless, because it would quite literally be an experience that can only be described as nothing, nothing perhaps, except consciousness.

The effect of the flow of energy of the aether field around the Earth produces a torus shape - a ring-shaped solenoid. Tori shapes include donuts and inner tubes. It's our planet's rubber ring as it bobs in the fluid of the aether. Torus was the Latin name for a cushion of this shape. There's no doubt this same shape was imitated by Tesla for the design of his resonant transformer - the Tesla Coil. It's imitating the effect of mass on the aether, and how the flow of energy moves around the Earth. A flow of energy we so often refer to as the Earth's magnetic field.

The magnifying transmitter is an alternate version of a Tesla Coil. It is a high power harmonic oscillator that Nikola Tesla proposed for the wireless transmission of electrical energy. Tesla's apparatus is a high-voltage, air-core, multiple-resonant transformer that can generate very high voltages at high frequency. He originally termed it self-regenerative resonant transformer, a term that is no longer in general use. He built one at Wardenclyffe. Local villagers were keen to point out that of equal importance to the tower is that which takes place in the ground beneath it. "From there, they say, tunnels have been built in all directions, until the entire ground below the little plain on which the tower is raised has been honeycombed with subterranean passages."- The New York Times...27 March, 1904

Beneath the tower, a well-like shaft plunged 120 feet into the ground. Sixteen iron pipes were driven three hundred feet deeper so that currents could pass through them and seize hold of the earth. "In this system that I have invented," Tesla explained, "it is necessary for the machine to get a grip of the earth, otherwise it cannot shake the earth. It has to have a grip... so that the whole of this globe can quiver." Was Tesla trying to simulate the ultrasonic vibrations taking place inside the Earth?

There's one more thing. What exactly is at the core of the torus that surrounds the Earth?

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