Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Earth - An Electromagnetic Pump?

Current theory is that the Earth is a geodynamo. Geophysicists think that the ambient magnetic field measured at the Earth's surface is due to electric currents flowing in its liquid iron core. In the Earth it is thought that the magnetic field is maintained by dynamo action, whereby the kinetic energy of convective motion in the Earth's liquid core is converted into magnetic energy. Since this process is percieved as operating without an external energy source, the geodynamo is said to be self-sustaining. But, perhaps, there really is an external energy source, one that not only sustains the Earth, but also everything in the Universe - including us. For those who are familiar with previous posts, well, you will know this external power source is the aether that I'm always banging on about. Rather than being a geodynamo - is the Earth an electromagnetic pump?

An electromagnetic pump is used in nuclear reactors. It works by applying a magnetic field to a pipe containing a conductive metal fluid. A current is passed crosswise through the fluid. This establishes an electromagnetic force in the direction of the flow that drives the fluid forward. The flow of fluid transfers heat away from the reactor to a steam generator, which then drives the turbine. It has also been found useful in pumping blood without causing damage to blood cells in the heart-lung, and artificial kidney machines. I wonder, if the Earth is acting as an electromagnetic pump - does magma therefore act as a conductive fluid? Does light from the Sun generate an applied current?

The Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony Peratt describes magma as a plasma, a medium containing moving charges. Perhaps that which we refer to as charged particles, or ions, are really dissolved gases which have become invisible inside the magma. Ultrasonic vibrations in the bowels of the Earth could be the cause of the dissolved gases inside magma. Plasma is an ionized gas. Gases can become plasmas in several ways, but all include pumping the gas with energy. In the same way that magma acts as a plasma, because the ultrasonic vibrations dissolve gases, and literally pump the magma with energy.

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