Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gar' har

If I was a pirate, I suspect today would be a bit like arriving on the island which is shown on a treasure map. And then I'm stomping around the island digging-up holes all over the place.

"In Krafft's later works such as "The Mechanistic Autonomy of Nature", " Ether and Matter" and "The Ether and its Vortices," he outlined the three fundemental subatomic particles as being combined vortex rings: the electron is two rings taking ether in through the two polar openings and fluxing out the equator....

Two neutrinos impacting face to face will result in an electron. The name for the attractive action of two such vortices is the Bernoulli effect. The electron illustration makes evident that currents approaching from all directions push the two vortices together because the deflected stream of ether at the equator acts as a shield to currents which would push them apart. A neat example of this in the macroworld is to take a playing card and in the center pierce it through with a straight pin. Place a thread spool over this pin. Now holding the card with a finger, blow through the spool while facing the floor. Remove your finger. The card does not fall or blow away. The deflected air currents have succeeded in shielding the card from the impacts of the air molecules directly opposing the same impacts on the opposite side of the card. The air impacting the opposite side is exerting a one sided force greater than the slight angular impacts of the stream leaving the spool."

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